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Contact the danish Ministry of Defence

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    The Ministry of Defence.

    Contact the danish Ministry of Defence 

    Ministry of Defence
    Holmens Kanal 9
    1060 Copenhagen K
    Phone: + 45 7281 0000
    Fax: +45 7281 0300
    E-mail: fmn@fmn.dk
    CVR: 25-77-56-35
    P.nr. 1003394502
    EAN: 5798000201200

    Phone hours

    The department can be reached by phone Monday to Friday from 08.30 am. to 16.00 pm.

    Opening hours
    Monday to Thursday 08.30-16.30 and Friday 08.30-16.00 


    The Press can contact the Minister and the Ministry by phone, +45 7281 0400.
    The Phone will be answered by the press secretary of the Department. 

    During opening hours you can contact the press secretary: 

    Linda Liboriussen, press secretary 
    E-mail: lil@fmn.dk

    Kristian Hedegaard Jensen, press secretary
    E-mail: khe@fmn.dk

    The data protection adviser
    The data protection adviser with the Ministry of Defence may be contacted at e-mail fmn-ktp-dpo@fiin.dk.
    Read about data protection 

    Drivers instructions 

    Handling e-mails
    When you send an e-mail to the Ministry of Defence on fmn@fmn.dk, it is forwarded to a central mailbox of the Ministry of Defence. Upon reception of an e-mail in the central mailbox, the e-mail is registered and sent on to the relevant department. We only use your personal information with the purpose of replying to your e-mail.

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