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Defence capacity building

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Capacity building is an important task for the defence
Capacity building is an important task for the defence. Photo: Danish Defence.

Defence capacity building 

What is capacity building?
The overall objective of capacity building is to prevent conflict from evolving by enabling the affected countries to take care of their own security. Defence capacity building includes advice, training, education and mentoring within the security and defence sector. Through defence capacity building it is possible to promote stability and thereby reduce the risk of future and longterm conflicts.

Capacity building efforts of the Danish Defence
The Danish Defence contributes to sustained stability through, among other things, capacity building of the security architecture of the partner countries in order to increase their ability to take care of their own security. This effort can be carried out by deploying military advisors, supporting educational programmes, providing training opportunities etc.

The Danish Defence and the Danish Home Guard are cooperating with and supporting Ukraine, Georgia, Afghanistan, the Sahel-region and Eastern Africa in order to enhance their capacity to contribute to stability and security. The Danish effort can be carried out in a bilateral framework or as part of a multilateral effort in NATO, with the Nordic countries (NORDEFCO) or as part of a Nordic-Baltic effort (NBAP).

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