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Collective emergency preparedness

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The purpose of the collective emergency preparedness is to minimize chaos and maximize security
The purpose of the collective emergency preparedness is to minimize chaos and maximize security

Collective emergency preparedness 

The purpose of the collective emergency preparedness (total defence) is to ensure an efficient and coordinated effort by its combined resources in connection with crises, catastrophes, or other major incidents. The purpose is to maintain vital public functions and to protect the lives and properties of the population.

New risks and threats

Today, Denmark faces a risk and threat scenario, where new asymmetric, dynamic and unpredictable threats have emerged. This is why we need to focus on the continuous adaptation of public resources to meet the new challenges.

For instance, how can the resources of the defence and the home guard support civil society in the event of major incidents and accidents, such as major flooding or oil spills in Danish waters.

A well-functioning emergency management
In Denmark, our society is robust, and our emergency management is well-functioning and cohesive. So far we have been able to handle the challenges we face.

A modern society as Denmark must constantly work on reducing its vulnerability and increase its robustness in order to be able to resist the possible new challenges and risks of the future. The capacities of the emergency management must therefore be continuously adjusted to keep up with the development of society.

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The collective emergency preparedness is a collaboration concept comprising the agencies of the defence, the home guard, and units and resources of the police, the rescue management, and the civilian sector readiness.

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