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Danish Defence Policy 

There is no unequivocal definition of what constitutes ”Danish defence policy”. However, it is generally accepted, that Danish defence policy aims at defending and promoting Danish interests. Danish Defence Policy shapes the framework and conditions upon which the armed forces contribute to peace and security, enforce Danish sovereignty, and support Danish foreign and security policy.

There is widespread political consensus that “The primary purpose of the Danish defence is to enforce the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark and to ensure the continued existence, integrity and safety of the nation. The threats against Danish interests can occur anywhere in the world, and they are unpredictable and complex.” (quotation from the Defence Agreement 2013-2017).
Tasks of the Armed Forces
From the Act on the Aims, Tasks and Organisation etc. of the Armed Forces, it is further stated that:
“The Armed Forces shall contribute to the promotion of peace and security. The Armed Forces constitute an important means of security policy and aim to:
  • Prevent conflicts and war
  • Uphold the sovereignty of Denmark and securing the continued existence and integrity of the country
  • Promote a peaceful development in the world with due respect for human rights”
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