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Defence commissions in Denmark

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Danmark has in recent time had a defence commission every 10th year
Danmark has in recent time had a defence commission every 10th year

Defence commissions in Denmark 

Denmark has had eight defence commissions since the first was established in 1866 after the loss of the southern duchies in 1864. The next commission was established in 1902 to prepare laws for the organization of the Army and Navy in 1909.

After World War 1, a third commission was established in 1919 and after World War 2 a defence com-mission was established in 1946. Four years later a fifth commission was establish in order to prepare the new law on defence.

In connection with the Social Liberal government co-operation with the Liberals and the Conservatives in 1969, a fifth defence commission was created.

Recent commissions
In recent times there has been defence commission in 1988, 1997 and most recently in 2008.

Defence commissions have, in other words, typically been used in connection with major strategic changes, changing political constellations or prelegislative work.

Defence commissions have, in particular in recent times, had a very broad participation, typically involving politicians, government officials, officers and experts.

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