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Denmark's International Security Cooperation

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Denmark's International Security Cooperation

Denmark's International Security Cooperation 

International Security Cooperation has been an important part of Denmark’s foreign- and security policy since the end of the Cold War. The main areas of security cooperation fall within three categories:
  • Security cooperation in connection with international operations, in which Danish soldiers are or have been deployed. Eg. in Afghanistan.
  • Support to positive and democratic development of, in particular, the armed forces of countries going through a transformation process and willing to cooperate. Eg. Iraq and Eastern Africa. 
  • Security Cooperation as support to countries who wish to be a part of the Euro-Atlantic security architecture. Eg. Georgia and Ukraine.

Reorientation of security cooperation
In the 1990s, Danish security cooperation focused primarily on the central- and eastern European states and since then several of those countries have become NATO members.

Today, Denmark supports and cooperates with a wide countries in line with Danish foreign and security priorities, including Ukraine, Iraq, and Afghanistan. As part of the new Danish Defence Agreement 2018-2023 Denmark has increased the Danish Ministry of Defence’s contribution to the Peace and Stabilisation Fund - which finanses Danish stabilisation, capacity building and reconstruction effort in fragile and conflict-affected states and regions - from the current level of funding of 84 mill. DKK to 150 mill. DKK in 2023.

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International security cooperation entails cooperation between states on areas concerning security.

In the 1990s, Danish security cooperation focused primarily on the central- and eastern European states. Danish Defence has throughout the past few years focused on new issues in other parts of the world.

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