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Tasks of the Danish Defence

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Tasks of the Danish Defence 

The Danish Defence Command (DCD) is a military agency in the combine of the Ministry of Defence. The Defence Command is the superior, coordinating, and governing authority for the defence. 

The tasks of the Danish Armed Forces can be divided into national and international tasks.

The national tasks comprise – besides monitoring of the national territory and enforcement of sovereignty – a range of more civilian-oriented tasks in support of Danish society, such as search and rescue operations, environmental tasks as well as providing support to a number of other public authorities, such as the police, the emergency rescue services and the tax authorities.

The international tasks will typically fall within the following main areas:  

  • Armed conflict
  • Stabilisation tasks
  • International policing

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The defence employs abt. 18,500 persons. It has an annual budget of abt. 8 bio. Danish kroner.

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