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International Humanitarian Operations

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Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) in Mozambique 2019. Photo: DEMA.
Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) in Mozambique 2019. Photo: DEMA.

International Humanitarian Operations 

The Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) provides humanitarian aid abroad on request from a foreign government or international organisation. The decision to provide assistance is taken by the Ministry of Defence in concert with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates and funds the deployment of the Danish governmental humanitarian assistance to ODA countries, whereas it was agreed in the defense agreement that assistance to non-ODA countries can be funded by the International operations reserve through the Ministry of Defense.

DEMA is an agency under the Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry must approve the deployment of the contribution from DEMA.

DEMA assists in occurrence of:
  • Natural disasters
  • Technological disturbances
  • Situations of conflict and civil war

Quick response tasks cover search and rescue work in cases of earthquake and coordination tasks in connection with longer humanitarian missions. DEMA can also contribute to the setting up and daily service of tent based field headquarters for the relief workers. That was the case in connection with the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010.

International cooperation
DEMA can provide humanitarian aid in the fields of logistics, transport, management and specialist knowledge alone, or in cooperation with other organizations.

There is a close cooperation with the EU, UN and NATO as well as with regional partnerships, such as the Nordic International Humanitarian Partnership (IHP).

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Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) is the focal point for requests to Denmark regarding international crisis and emergency assistance.

DEMA is responsible for establishing and developing international assistance capabilities and for supporting coordinating efforts in disaster areas.

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