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International emergency management cooperation

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(foto) International emergency management cooperation
International emergency management cooperation

International emergency management cooperation 

The last decade has been characterized by an increasing number of humanitarian crises, violent conflicts, terrorism, and natural disasters. In Europe, we have experienced repeated cased of flooding and forest fires, and also other kinds of natural disasters and technological failure.

Furthermore, we are at risk for more dire consequences of natural disasters due to the increased vulnerability of technology and society in general. This is why we need an efficient international cooperation to combat these cross-frontier risks and threats.

As a result of the many disastrous events, both in and outside of Europe, international emergency management cooperation has experienced a considerable development.

Purpose of international cooperation
The primary purpose of international emergency management cooperation is protection of civilians. Other fields of emergency cooperation cover health, marine environment, transportation, it and telecommunication, critical infrastructural protection, the CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) area, crisis management structures, and nuclear issues.

International disaster cooperation is founded on overall principles and directives, adopted by the UN. Especially EU has developed the area of civilian protection in the last decade. This area is now included in the Lisbon Treaty. In EU, the adapted EU legislation regulates cooperation, respecting individual national responsibilities. There is a similar cooperation in the UN regarding civilian emergency management.

Nordic cooperation

In a Nordic setting, we have seen a renewed and expanded cooperation in the emergency management area. For instance, the five Nordic ministers responsible for emergency management meet on a regular basis. Denmark also has bilateral agreements with neighbouring countries regarding mutual assistance in the event of accidents and disasters.

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