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Military contributions prevent conflicts and war world wide
Military contributions prevent conflicts and war world wide

International operations 

Military contributions are important tools in the Danish foreign policy. Military capabilities can contribute to the prevention of conflicts and war as well as further democratic values and respect for basic human rights.

The major Danish deployments are in Afghanistan and Iraq/Syria. Supplemented by the maritime contribution to the NATO’s counter-piracy operations. Additionally, Denmark contributes with approximately 30-50 military UN-observers.

Decisions on participation in international operations
During the last decade, Denmark has continually had military forces deployed to different operations around the world.

A political decision
It is the Danish Government together with the Danish Parliament, which decides whether Danish troops are to be deployed to international operations.

§ 19 of the Danish Constitution sets the framework for decision-making on the deployment of soldiers. The Danish Government cannot deploy forces to an operation, where they may have to use force against foreign states without the consent of the Danish Parliament. In practice, the consent of the Danish Parliament is usually sought in all cases where Danish troops will have to use force to complete their tasks. The consent of the Parliament can be obtained through a Parliamentary Resolution. Concerning other types of deployments of Danish forces, the Government can involve the Foreign Policy Committee.

Background for a decision
The decision to deploy a military contribution is based on a military recommendation from the Danish Armed Forces and a threat assessment in the area of deployment, prepared by the Danish Military Intelligence.

The Danish Armed Forces assesses whether the necessary resources are available, including soldiers and materiel, to solve the mission at hand. The Danish Armed Forces also contributes with a recommendation as to how a possible military contribution could be composed.

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