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Nordic emergency management cooperation

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The Nordic flags fly side by side
The Nordic flags fly side by side

Nordic emergency management cooperation 

The Nordic ministers responsible for civil protection and emergency management hold their annual meeting to reinforce cooperation within a series of fields, essential for the emergency management of Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

The reinforced Nordic cooperation originally stems from the Haga Declaration of April 2009, adopted at the Haga Castle outside Stockholm. At the Haga ministers’ meeting in June 2013, the Haga II declaration was adopted. This declaration signifies a further strengthening of the Nordic cooperation in the area of emergency management, where the effort is directed towards a vision of ‘a robust North without borders.

One goal is to strengthen the Nordic profile internationally in relation to the cooperation within the EU, among others. The Nordic countries are working on a further development of the possibility for mutual assistance, in accordance with the Nordic Declaration of Solidarity of 2011, among other things. Furthermore, joint Nordic modules shall be applicable for aiding disaster-stricken countries outside the North.

Areas of cooperation

The Haga cooperation comprises a series of identified areas of cooperation, such as
  • Rescue service
  • Exercises and education
  • CBRN preparedness
  • Crisis portals
  • Recruitment of volunteers
  • Research and development
  • Tactical fire prevention (fire prevention by influencing attitude and behaviour)
  • Strategic air transportation to disasters
  • Strategic air transport
  • Host nation support
  • Development of joint Nordic modules

As point of departure, the individual projects are conducted and lead by the emergency management authorities of the Nordic countries.

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The Nordic ministers responsible for the emergency management meet every six months.

The purpose of the meetings is to develop cooperation in a series of areas regarding security of society and preparedness.

The Nordic countries take turns in hosting the meeting.

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