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Tasks of the Danish Home Guard

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Members of the home guard busy assisting during a rescue exercise, 2009
Members of the home guard busy assisting during a rescue exercise, 2009

Tasks of the Danish Home Guard 

The Danish Home Guard (DHG) is a voluntary military organisation, made up of volunteers recruited from all walks of life.

The home guard participates as a part of the military defence in the solution of tasks for which the army, the air force, and the navy are responsible. This means that the home guard is a part of the solution of problems, be they land, sea, or air based. The home guard plays an active and important part in the combined preparedness of society (total defence). In addition to this, the infrastructure home guard contributes in connection with protection of crucial installations, such as railroads, electric systems, telephone networks, and more.

One of the great advantages of the home guard is the local presence of the volunteers across the country. They are able to present units with short notice in connection with extraordinary occurrences, accidents, and major disasters, among other things.

Organisation of the home guard

  • Home Guard Command
  • Army home guard
  • Air force home guard
  • Naval home guard
  • Infrastructure home guard

Law of the home guard
The responsibilities and organisation of the home guard are stipulated in the Home Guard Act.

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The home guard is a voluntary military organisation supporting the defence and the civilian authorities.

The home guard comprises the Home Guard Command, the army home guard, the air force home guard, the naval home guard, and the infrastructure home guard.

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