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The previous danish engagement in Iraq (UNAMI)

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(foto: UNAMI/Rick Bajornas)
Elections in Iraq 2009 (foto: UNAMI/Rick Bajornas)

The previous danish engagement in Iraq (UNAMI) 

On 1st September 2012 Denmark has ended its participation in the “United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq”, UNAMI. In connection with the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq in December 2011, the UN assessed that the need for military competences in the UNAMI had decreased. This has lead to a restructuring of the mission by the UN, reducing the number of military advisors from thirteen to five. In relation to this, the UN has requested that Denmark withdraw its contribution. Consequently, on 1st September 2012, Denmark has withdrawn the last of two Danish military advisors, dispatched to the UNAMI, and Denmark no longer has any soldiers in the UN mission in Iraq.

The Danish soldiers had been sent out on a mandate of the UN Security Council resolution 1936 of 5th August 2010. The task was to support the Iraqi people, the Iraqi government, and the UN special envoy with implementation and development of public administration, democracy, security etc. The Danish contribution consisted of two military advisors, situated in Baghdad and Erbil.

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