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Enhanced Forward Presence in the Baltic States and Poland

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Enhanced Forward Presence
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Enhanced Forward Presence in the Baltic States and Poland 

NATO's enhanced Forward Presence (eFP), in the Baltic States and Poland was decided by the heads of states and governments at the NATO Summit in Warsaw in 2016.

The purpose of eFP is to strengthen the Alliance's deterrence and defence profile by demonstrating solidarity and the will to protect NATO's territory. At the same time, eFP is a response to the uncertainty that has been caused by, among other things, Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea, the actions in Eastern Ukraine and the development of a generally more complex security environment. Almost all of the NATO countries contribute to eFP.

How does Denmark contribute?
Since April, Denmark has contributed with a small number of staff officers, who have been sent to Estonia to support the work of the British and French soldiers and as part of the preparation for the arrival of Denmark’s main contribution.

Denmark deployed a contribution in 2018. The Danish contribution, which encompassed some 200 soldiers, is part of the British led battalion in Estonia. The basis for the Danish contribution is the parliamentary decision B150, which was adopted on May 23, 2017. A similar contribution is expected to be sent to Estonia in 2020.

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