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Photo: Danish Defence
Soldier with Military Working Dog. Photo: Danish Defence.

Military Manual 

In September 2016, Denmark launched its military manual on international law relevant to Danish armed forces in international operations. The manual has now been translated into English.

Over recent decades, the Danish armed forces have participated actively in international land, sea, and air operations. Awareness of Denmark’s compliance with international law, including international humanitarian law, has become part of the daily business of the Danish Defence.

The Manual was developed as an outcome of the Danish Defence Agreement for the period 2010-2014 which was supported by a broad spectrum of political parties in the Danish Parliament. The parties agreed that Denmark should have a military manual of its own, in order to further strengthen the Danish Defence’s training in, and application of, international humanitarian law and the law of armed conflict. The Manual provides Danish soldiers with a comprehensive perspective for better understanding their obligations under international law when participating in international operations.

Moreover, the Manual includes important lessons learned from the Danish armed forces’ participation in international operations over recent decades.

The Manual provides, in addition to mission specific directives, a legal framework for the participation of the Danish Defence in international operations and, in particular, for preparing operational orders tailored to the specific international operation.

The Military Manual can be downloaded from this link

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