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Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO)

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Nordic Defence Coorporation

Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO) 

The Nordic countries have a long tradition for close cooperation in many areas – and also on the defence area. The cooperation has been formalised in NORDEFCO (Nordic Defence Cooperation) and include military cooperation regarding:

  • Operations
  • Training
  • Capacities
  • Equipment
Danish chairmanship
The Danish Ministry of Defence will hold the chairmanship of the Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO) for the duration of 2016.The chairmanship of NORDEFCO is shared between the four Nordic countries on an annual rotational basis. Iceland also participates in NORDEFCO, but does not hold the chairmanship.

The priorities for the Danish chairmanship will focus on strengthening the political dialogue between the Nordic countries and develop the following new initiatives:


  • Enable enhanced cooperation and deepen Nordic defence cooperation by removing obstacles and through non-bureaucratic ways to allow easier access to other NORDEFCO countries’ territory in peacetime by creating so-called “Easy Access Declarations”.
  • Follow-up to on regional security challenges, concerning overview of security related activities in the region. This area of focus concerns a paper from the Political Steering Committee (PSC). A paper on regional security challenges will be presented and discussed at the ministerial meeting in March 2016.
  • Explore possibilities for better coordinated contributions from the Nordic countries to international military missions and in particular UN missions with a view to strengthen the sustainability of contributions. Concretely we will explore the possibility for the Nordic countries to provide an airborne transport capacity to UN missions on a rotational basis.
  • Continue the joint Nordic support to the East African Standby Force (EASF) in its further development and fulfillment of its mission of contributing to regional and continental peace, security, stability and enhanced regional integration.
  • Investigate possibilities for stronger Nordic cooperation with regard to strengthening the UN’s efforts within Security and Defence Sector Reforms.

Other on-going NORDEFCO projects include the establishment and development of lines of secure communication between the Nordic countries, sharing of radar data regarding air surveillance, development of alternate landing bases, which includes the possibility to land in each other’s territories with military aircraft, and cooperation on common Nordic exercises and training activities.

Programme of the Danish NORDEFCO chairmanship 2016 
NORDEFCO Annual Report 2016

”The Nordic” – is a strong ”brand”
Besides close cooperation between own defence forces, the Nordic countries have also undertaken a close cooperation on supporting other countries in conducting needed defence reforms. This kind of support has taken place in the Baltic countries, the Balkans, in Ukraine and in Georgia.
The Nordic countries initiated in 2009 cooperation on support for capacity building of the Eastern African Peace- and Security Architecture. The point of departure of the Nordic efforts has been the priorities and wishes of the Africans. It has appeared that this approach has been highly appreciated by African partners.

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The Nordic Defence Cooperation consists of Denmark, Finland, Island, Norway and Sweden.

NORDEFCO replaced the former three Nordic cooperation-structures: NORDCAPS, NORDSUP and NORDAC.

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