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The previous Danish effort in Libya (RECLIB)

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Photo from operation RECLIB
Photo: Danish Defence

The previous Danish effort in Libya (RECLIB) 

In August and September 2016, Denmark participated in the operation RECLIB (Recovery of Chemical Agents from Libya).The UN-backed operation was led by the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) with the purpose of removing chemical remnants from Libya’s chemical weapons stockpile – a total of 23 containers. Denmark was in charge of the maritime transport operation.

The Danish contribution consisted of the vessel ARK FUTURA which carried the 23 containers to their final destination in Germany where the destruction of the chemicals would take place. The flexible support ship ABSALON escorted the ARK FUTURA during the transport. The Danish contribution consisted of 250 personnel who in addition to the ABSALON crew included personnel from the Danish Armed Forces Health Services, the Danish Navy, the Danish Army, the Danish Air Force, the Danish Customs and Tax Administration, the Danish Emergency Management Agency and Danish special operation forces.

Besides Denmark, the United Kingdom and Finland assisted in the international maritime operation. The United Kingdom provided a military escort ship available during the escort through the Mediterranean, while Finland contributed with staff officers to the Danish ship contribution.

The operation was coordinated in close cooperation with the UN, OPCW and a number of other countries, including the UN-backed unity government in Libya. The operation commenced on a Libyan request of assistance to remove and destroy the last remnants from its chemical weapons stockpile. The operation was endorsed by UN Security Council resolution 2298 of July 22nd, 2016 with an appeal to the international community to contribute to the solution for the impending challenge.

Denmark has prior to this mission participated in a similar operation in Syria (RECSYR) in 2014.

On August 19th, 2016 the Danish Parliament unanimously adopted Resolution B 197 regarding the removal of chemical remnants from Libya’s chemical stockpile. Denmark was in charge of the international maritime operation with the sole purpose of ensuring that the chemical remnants did not end up in the hands of extremist groups operating in Libya.
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