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A Smarter and Greener Defence

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    A Smarter and Greener Defence

    A Smarter and Greener Defence 

    This is the headline for the the 4th Nordic Defence Industry Seminar (conference) which Denmark hosts from 2-3 May.

    2012-03-23 - 13:30
    Climate change, energy security and cost-effectiveness are becoming increasingly prominent factors on the Defence Agenda and these topics are on the agenda when the Nordic Defence Industry Seminar is held from 2-3 May 2012 at the Bella Center in Copenhagen.

    The seminar is an international conference open to decision makers, experts and industry from the Northern Group countries, i.e. the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as the five Nordic countries. Decision makers and internationally recognized business people and experts will address the conference over two intensive days. The conference will be a unique opportunity to share knowledge, to network and discuss topics such as how to make military operations and domestic military installations greener.

    See the programme for the seminar