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Danish Defence brings environment and nature into focus

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    Danish Defence brings environment and nature into focus

    Danish Defence brings environment and nature into focus 

    While the Danish Ministry of Defence already takes good care of nature, a new Environment and Nature Strategy aims to ensure an even greener defence.

    2012-06-19 - 13:00
    The Danish Defence was among the first military authorities in the world to develop plans for nature management. Now The Danish Ministry of Defence leads the way once again with a new ambitious Environment and Nature Strategy.

    The Minister of Defence, Nick Hækkerup says:
    ”We are a big enterprise with multiple activities affecting environment. For that reason we have a special commitment to care for the environment. The Danish Defence already takes the environment into account in many ways, but we can do much more. We must take part in development, tests and use of green technology, and be proactive in issues regarding environment.”

    The Environment and Nature Strategy of The Ministry of Defence includes six areas of focus for the environment and nature effort. Among those are environment and energy friendly procurement, protection of nature, ground water protection, waste management, noise reduction and environment management.

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