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    Press Release archive



    Denmark chairman of NORDEFCO in 2020
    Denmark takes over the chairmanship of NORDEFCO in 2020.

    New National Action Plan for the European Defence Fund is ready
    An advisory group to the Danish government has developed a national action plan that aims to promote Danish interests with respect to the European Defence Fund.

    Denmark sends officers and frigate to the Strait of Hormuz
    Today, the Danish Government has consulted the Danish Foreign Policy Committee about military contributions to a European-led maritime surveillance mission in the Strait of Hormuz.

    Danish military contributions to the Sahel region
    Today the Danish Parliament approved the Danish Government’s proposal to strengthen the Danish military contributions to the Sahel region.

    The Danish Government presents a comprehensive security policy package
    Military contributions in defence of Danish interests.

    Trine Bramsen new Minister of Defence
    June the 27th 2019 Trine Bramsen will be appointed new Danish Minister of Defence.

    New sectoral strategies to prepare society for cyber attacks
    January 7th, the Danish Government announced a set of new strategies aimed at intensifying efforts against cyber-attacks within six sectors that provide essential services to society.

    New Danish Foreign and Security Policy Strategy
    The Danish Government has launched a new Foreign and Security Policy Strategy 2019-2020. With the new strategy, the Government presents its plans for navigating Denmark through a changing world order.

    Strengthened safeguards against foreign influence on Danish elections and democracy
    The Government seeks to strengthen Danish resilience against foreign attempts to influence our democracy and society.

    The Minister of Defence at NATO summit with strong military contributions
    The deteriorated threat landscape is central when the NATO member states are meeting at the summit in Brussels this week.

    Denmark deploys four F-16 fighters to safeguard the airspace of Iceland
    Denmark ready to contribute to NATO’s enforcement of Iceland’s sovereignty through air policing, called Iceland Peacetime Preparedness Needs.

    Denmark increases support to the Korean Peninsula
    The Danish government announces an increase in Denmark’s support to the international efforts to promote peace and security on the Korean Peninsula.

    Danish frigate Peter Willemoes deployed to US Carrier Strike Group
    On February 9th a broad majority in the Danish Parliament approved the deployment of the Danish frigate Peter Willemoes to the US Carrier Strike Group Two (CSG 2).

    Danish Special Forces assigned with new tasks in the Coalition’s fight against Da’esh
    Today, the Danish Government consulted with Parliament on an expansion of the scope of operations for the Danish Special Forces as part of the Global Coalition’s fight against Da’esh.

    The Danish Ministry of Defence publishes new Environment and Energy Strategy
    In the new Environment and Energy Strategy 2016-2020, the Danish Ministry of Defence focuses on greener operative activities – with meaningful initiatives in the Defence Command, the Emergency Management Agency and the Home Guard Command.

    Denmark has successfully picked up chemical remnants from Libya
    The Danish-led international maritime transport operation to remove approximately 500 tons remnants of Libya's chemical weapons stockpile is close to completion.

    Unanimous parliament puts Denmark in head of Libya operation
    A unanimous parliament has today approved decision B 197 regarding the removal of the remainder of Libya’s chemical weapons stockpile.

    Regional security challenges discussed by the Nordic defence ministers meeting in Copenhagen 30-31 March
    The Nordic ministers of defence met at Frederiksberg Palace and had a good and open dialogue on Nordic defence and security matters. Furthermore, the ministers strongly condemned the terrorist attacks in Brussels on 22 March.

    Danish government plans to redeploy F-16 fighter jets in support of the global coalition to counter Da’esh
    Today the government has consulted with the parliament in the Foreign Policy Committee regarding a strengthened Danish contribution to the fight against the terrorist organization Da’esh

    Danish chairmanship of NORDEFCO
    In 2016 Denmark will hold the chairmanship of the Nordic Defence Cooporation (NORDEFCO).

    New armoured personnel carriers for the Danish Defence amount to 4.5 billion DKK
    The minister of defence and the parties to the defence agreement have decided to invest heavily in new armoured personnel carriers for the Danish Defence.

    Denmark joins a new international high-readiness force
    Today in London, together with six other nations, Minister of Defence Peter Christensen is signing a memorandum of understanding that will allow rapid deployment of forces to crisis and conflict zones around world.

    Danish Cyber and Information Security Strategy
    In December 2014 the Danish Government presented a National Cyber and Information Security Strategy containing 27 Government initiatives for 2015-2016.

    New Afghanistan Strategy 2015-17 focuses on development
    Today the Danish Government publishes a strategy for the combined Danish efforts in Afghanistan for the years 2015-17. The strategy includes the integrated Danish political, military and civilian efforts in the country.

    Agreement regarding the future organisation of the leadership of Danish Defence
    A broad political agreement has been reached regarding the future organisation of the leadership of Danish Defence.

    Wammen: Danish F-16’s ready for Baltic Air Policing
    Denmark offers F-16 fighter jets to NATO Baltic Air Policing from 1st May 2014. If NATO accepts the offer, the Danish F- 16 will be ready at short notice, says the Danish Minister of Defence.

    Denmark and Norway offer to transport chemical weapons out of Syria
    Based on decisions by the United Nations Security Council and the OPCW, Norway and Denmark have agreed to offer a joint contribution to the transportation of chemical warfare agents out of Syria.

    Agreement with Mission Essential
    The Danish Minister of Defence, Nicolai Wammen, and Mission Essential CEO, Peter Horvath, confirm arrangement on interpreters.

    Danish Minister of Defence visits Pentagon
    Minister of Defence Nicolai Wammen will meet with US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel in Pentagon on Wednesday August 21. It will be the first meeting between the two.

    Nicolai Wammen new minister of defence
    Friday august 9. 2013 Nicolai Wammen was appointed new Danish Minister of Defence.

    Nordic defence ministers' meeting in Skagen
    On 5th and 6th November a Nordic defence ministers' meeting took place in Skagen, chaired by the Danish minister of defence Mr. Nick Hækkerup

    Denmark, UK sign Memorandum of Understanding
    Danish Minister of Defence, Nick Hækkerup, and his British counterpart, Secretary of State of the Defence, Philip Hammond, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Denmark and the United Kingdom

    UK Secretary of State for Defence visits Denmark
    The British Secretary of State for Defence, Philip Hammond will visit his Danish colleague, Nick Hækkerup, in Copenhagen on September 19-20.

    Minister of Defence visits Afghanistan
    From June 29. to July 1., Danish Minister of Defence Nick Hækkerup paid a visit to the Danish troops in Afghanistan and met with his Afghan counterpart in Kabul.

    Danish Defence brings environment and nature into focus
    While the Danish Ministry of Defence already takes good care of nature, a new Environment and Nature Strategy aims to ensure an even greener defence.

    Denmark hosts round table conference on disaster response
    Danish Minister of Defence, Nick Hækkerup chairs a conference on future challenges in international disaster response

    Nordic Defence Cooperation - Is Smart Defence
    Statement by the defence ministers of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, Nick Hækkerup, Stefan Wallin, Espen Barth Eide and Karin Enström.

    A Smarter and Greener Defence: Chairman’s conclusions
    Denmark hosted the 4th Nordic Defence Industry Seminar. Read the conclusions.

    Denmark rejoins the AGS project
    The parties to the Danish Defence Agreement 2010-2014 made a joint decision today that Denmark will re-enter the acquisition phase of the NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance project (AGS).

    Nordic defence ministers' meeting
    A Nordic defence ministers' meeting took place 7 -8 May at the Frederiksborg Castle near Hillerød in Denmark, headed by the Danish minister of defence Mr. Nick Hækkerup

    New Climate and Energy Strategy
    The Ministry of Defence has launched a brand new Climate and Energy Strategy 2012-2015

    Danish Minister of Defence visits Pentagon
    Minister of Defence Nick Hækkerup met with his American counterpart, Leon Panetta, in Pentagon

    A Smarter and Greener Defence
    This is the headline for the the 4th Nordic Defence Industry Seminar (conference) which Denmark hosts from 2-3 May.

    New Chief of Defence
    As of March 20, 2012, Brigadier General Peter Bartram is appointed new Chief of Defence

    Denmark heading Nordic defence cooperation
    Denmark will take over the presidency of the Nordic defence cooperation NORDEFCO on 1st January 2012. Among other issues, the focus will be on capacity building in East Africa and cooperation in the Arctic.

    Nick Hækkerup new minister of defence
    Monday 3rd October 2011 Nick Hækkerup was appointed new Danish Minister of Defence.

    Danish minister of defence visited Operation NANOOK 2011
    17-19 August 2011, Danish Minister of Defence, Gitte Lillelund Bech visited the arctic exercise Operation NANOOK together with the Honourable Minister of National Defence, Peter MacKay.

    Danish minister of defence visits US Secretary of Defense
    Gitte Lillelund Bech met with new American Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, at the Pentagon today

    Danish contribution to UNIFIL will not be extended
    The Danish government has decided not to extend the Danish contribution to UNIFIL in Lebanon after November 2011

    Minister of Defence Gitte Lillelund Bech visits Kabul
    Minister of Defence Gitte Lillelund Bech has visited Kabul together with the British and the Estonian ministers of defence.

    Danish Chief of Defence candidate for NATO’s Military Committee
    Chief of Defence, General Knud Bartels is Denmark’s candidate for the post as Chairman of NATO’s Military Committee

    Visit by Her Majesty the Queen to the Danish forces in Helmand
    HM the Queen has paid a visit to the Danish troops in Afghanistan the last few days. During her visit, Her Majesty was accompanied by Minister of Defence Ms. Gitte Lillelund Bech

    Danish fighter jets deployed to Libya
    Less than three days after the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1973, the four Danish F-16 fighter jets are now a part of the international operation.

    Agreement on Afghanistan: The Danish Helmand Plan 2011-2012
    The Government and political parties have agreed on a two-year plan for the comprehensive Danish engagement in Afghanistan.

    Cooperation accord between Denmark and the Russian Federation
    Minister of Defence Gitte Lillelund Bech returned home yesterday after a three-day visit to the Russian Federation, where the two ministers of defence signed a bilateral cooperation accord for the defence of the two countries.

    Movie: Denmark in Afghanistan
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence have cooperated in the making of ‘Denmark in Afghanistan’. It is produced at the Defence Media Centre in the fall of 2010.

    Communication prize awarded to NATO
    The prize was awarded to NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division for its development of web-based communication, including the natochannel.tv, and its coverage of the effort in Afghanistan.

    Minister of Defence visits Danish soldiers in Lebanon
    In the past few days, Minister of Defence Gitte Lillelund Bech has paid a visit to the Danish soldiers at the United Nations Interim Force in South Lebanon (UNIFIL). In Beirut, the minister of defence also met with Lebanon’s minister of defence.

    Major flooding in Poland
    The Emergency Management Agency sends pumping equipment to Poland, where the worst flooding in 40 years has struck.

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