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UK Secretary of State for Defence visits Denmark

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    Philip Hammond and Nick Hækkerup

    UK Secretary of State for Defence visits Denmark 

    The British Secretary of State for Defence, Philip Hammond will visit his Danish colleague, Nick Hækkerup, in Copenhagen on September 19-20.

    2012-09-19 - 18:03
    The two ministers will discuss the close Danish-British cooperation in Afghanistan and in particular the threat from insider attacks; a topic of great concern for the NATO alliance.

    “The visit is a good opportunity to discuss this important challenge. It is crucial that we consider, what we can do to meet the threat of insider attacks,” says Nick Hækkerup.

    During his visit, the British secretary will lay a wrath at the monument to Denmark’s international effort, at the citadel (Kastellet) in Copenhagen. Later Mr. Hammond will meet with Danish soldiers who have worked side by side with British troops in Afghanistan.

    It is the second time Philip Hammond visits Denmark as the Secretary of State for Defence for the United Kingdom. He also visited Denmark in November 2011.